MorCVD is a database containing data of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions (HPPPIs) involved in cardiovascular diseases(CVDs). This database covers 3 major conditions: “Myocarditis”, “Endocarditis” and “Pericarditis”, along with 16 other microbial CVDs.

The data has been listed in various ways such as pathogen specific interactions, protein specific interactions and so forth to make it easier to obtain the relevant information. This database services the needs of those studying host pathogen interactions in CVDs for applications such as drug discovery, quantify functioning and to study the relative importance of certain proteins over others.

This database contains a total of 23,377 HPPPIs along with their PubMed references. The entities in the database include pathogen names, taxonomy ids, pathogen proteins, host proteins, gene ontology ids, gene ids, second interactors, drug targets, interaction types and interaction detection methods for HPPPIs.